JESSE DOMINGO Center Director - VizMin, Philippines  As the Center Director for ELC VizMin, Philippines, Jesse is responsible for developing clients, managing projects, facilitating workshops and developing our locally-based pool of facilitators and coaches.  With intimate understanding of the leadership development discipline and on-the-ground relationship with clients, Jesse is in a vantage point to support our Philippine clients in their organizational and talent development initiatives. LAWRENCE CHI Executive Coach & Inter-Cultural Facilitator  Lawrence coaches expatriates and advises on cross-cultural integration.  He has 20 years of experience in China and Asia as the Senior HR head for iconic consumer brands, including Ralph Lauren, SC Johnson and Son, The Walt Disney Company and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.  Lawrence engages in co-creating organizational and talent development solutions for ELC clients, particularly in areas of expatriation and repatriation, localization, diversity and expatriate assessment.  A truly active business professional, he participates in community activities and had served on the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.   Based in Toronto, Canada, he runs insanely long distances as fast as physically, mentally and emotionally possible. WHAT WE DO INFORMATION SUCCESS STORIES
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ABOUT US WU QIN (ANGELA) Senior Facilitator , Group Coach &  Senior Trainer    Angela is a Professional Facilitator, Group Coach and Soft Skill Trainer based in Beijing.  She is good at setting up Trust and Safety Environment which helps participants finishing their own learning journey effectively.  Powerful Leading Questions help participants reflecting and actively thinking.  She has rich experiences in People management, Project Management, Purchasing Negotiation and Cross Culture Communication. RAMIL CUETO Director of Business Development  Ramil has been responsible for sales and key account management for Executive Learning Center since its inception.   Prior to that, he was a Program Manager for a US call center in Shanghai.  Today, he is also delivering training workshops and is a certified facilitator focusing on negotiation, influence & sales- related programs.   Ramil obtained a Master of Arts in International Economic & Political Assessment from Dominican University of California.  He is a budding golfer. CONTACT US CLIENTS EVENTS HOME ABOUT US WHAT WE DO EXECUTIVE COACHING GLOBAL MINDSET LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE OUR VISION OUR MISSION OUR CONSULTANTS OUR TEAM 2016 PROGRAMS & WORKSHOPS ABOUT US EVENTS CLIENTS Watch videos LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT OUR CONSULTANTS OUR VISION & MISSION OUR TEAM ABOUT US Listen to event audios
JANE DONG Program Manager Jane is responsible for organizing learning events, participating in client calls and managing relationship with ELC facilitators and coaches.  She also leads the implementation of programs and courses at ELC's client site. Prior to working with ELC, Jane was a software engineer at Oracle in its Beijing office. Jane obtained a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Peking University.  She is an avid runner.
WENHONG ZHANG Executive Coach, Senior HR Consultant  Wenhong is a seasoned HR Consultant and an Executive Coach. She has robust HR experience in well-known global firms for over 20 years. The corporations she worked for includes financing, fine chemical and pharmaceutical, internet operations. As a corporate coach, Wenhong is good at building the trusting and open atmosphere, supporting managers in creating a self-managed workplace, communicating effectively, sustaining awesome teams, encouraging accountability and self-actualization. She is good at moving managers and young talents to the higher levels of self-awareness needed to lead with both confidence and collaboration.  Wenhong is now in process of graduation from the International Coaching Academy (ICA) and ACC certification. She has now accumulated over 100 coaching hours, the coaching clients includes HSBC, Societe Generale, BNP Paribas, 3M, BASF, and NGO, etc. TRACY PAN Facilitator and Executive Coach  Tracy is a facilitator and an Executive Coach based in Beijing.  Out of her 24 years of working experience, she has dedicated 16 years in the Human Resources function in leading American and European companies providing her with diverse industry experiences.  Since 2007, she has been in the Learning and Development field. As a professional facilitator and coach, Tracy has established a solid reputation for assisting organisations to improve their productivity, performance and profit through the application of a unique people development process, with a clear focus on measurable results.  Tracy trains and coaches clients from across many industries such as IT/Telecom, Internet/Media/Publication, Auto/Manufacturing, Financial Services/Consulting, Hospital/Medical Instruments, New Energy, Catering; Education/Training industry, etc. YING LIU Leadership Development Coach & Communication, Sales Negotiation Facilitator  Ying is a Professional Coach and Soft Skill Trainer and Facilitator, based in Beijing. She possesses 20 years of sales & marketing, regional management and overseas working experience in the top multi-national and state-owned company supports her to understand the needs and challenges of the clients in terms of leadership, globalmind-set and innovation deeply, and form her reliable, authentic, inspiring and target-oriented coaching and facilitation style. As a communication and sales negotiation facilitator, she encourages her clients to learn by doing and to do by learning with their own living cases, and gives them coaching-style feedback, aiming to client’s behavior change for supporting their business development. Her served clients coming from high and middle level management of Top Fortune 500 companies and private SME owners. Her trilingual strength meets the needs of cultural diversity. She speaks German and English fluently.  Her native language is Mandarin. HAIYAN WEI  Executive Coach, Business Consultant, Trainer  Haiyan is a Professional Coach, experienced business consultant and leadership development trainer, as well as a game changer. In her over 20 years professional experience in business consulting and training, Haiyan has accumulated diversified experience in leadership selection and development, business research and training. She had built up the first AC center for a SOE at the end of 2009, and developed the whole self-awareness courses individually. She is theory U, OD practitioner and promotor, mainly in Shanghai. She is also an entrepreneur who tries to start up a new business by practicing holacracy in the organization with the help of other partners. Beijing Shanghai Philippines UK Greece Canada OUR TEAM OUR TEAM JULIA FENG Managing Director  Julia co-founded Executive Learning Center with Ramil Cueto in 2005 in Shanghia, China.  Prior to that, she was the Program Director for the Rutgers EMBA Program in Shanghai   Today, she is both a certfied executive coach and facilitator.  She focuses on Leadership & Performance Coaching and facilitation of leadership programs.     She completed the Rutgers EMBA Program in 2003.  She obtained certifications from the Academy of Executive Coaching, Leadership Management International and the Center for Creative Leadership.  Julia is currently learning Italian opera singing. FRANK AMISSAH-ARTHUR Corporate Brand Manager   Frank brings years of experience in the field of marketing, advertising and TV production.  He is responsible for developing the marketing and branding plan for Executive Learning Center.  Prior to this, Frank worked for a satellite television network in Ghana as BBC Creative Assistant correspondent for content concept development.  Frank has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design. He is currently undertaking a Master Degree in Enterprise Management from University of Science & Technology in China.  He likes to play football, golf and basketball.