LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT   WHAT IS LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT?  WHERE IS IT NOW? WHY IS IT ESSENTIAL FOR GROWING YOUR BUSINESS TODAY?   According to the recent study of the Center for Creative Leadership, today’s leaders need to develop more adaptive and complex thinking abilities to tackle the challenges of modern business.  The challenge is no longer how to develop leaders but more so of how to make their minds “bigger.”   What exactly is Leadership Development and where is it now?  Executive Learning Center views Leadership Development as a continuous process of evolving the attitude and behaviors of an individual to empower them to achieve both their personal and organizational goals.  We see many CEOs are being hailed as the only flag bearer responsible for the existence of their organizations.  We view that Leadership Development ought to allow every individual to participate in goal setting and creating lofty aspirations for their organizations and being able to act upon them when the situation warrants their actions.  These individuals are transformed and empowered to create meaningful businesses and initiatives.   Today, leadership development includes the inculcation of ethical values and principles.  Leaders are beacons of fairness and purveyors of responsible utilization of society’s scarce economic resources.  Responsible leadership is what the society and businesses need today to thrive in the highly globalized and competitive markets.  Leaders are stewards of society’s resources and they need to constantly be cognizant that with great power comes great responsibility.    WHAT DOES EXECUTIVE LEARNING CENTER OFFER IN LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT?  Executive Learning Center’s Leadership Development Programs are designed to empower, transform and awaken the creative process of your talents.  We believe leadership capabilities need to be possessed at all levels of the organizations.  For instance, in our new program called Leadership and Choice, your talents at all levels will learn to be self-aware, be able to manage one self, to possess social awareness and finally, to have the right social skills.  We believe these skills will help leaders create the right strategies for your company, drive performance, develop people and build change capability.   We also embed in the leadership development programs the key questions that all leaders must ask, namely:   Where do they want to take the organization?  Why is it important to go into that direction What is the current situation?  And finally, what does it take to get to that desired direction?  To develop a leader is not an overnight process, however, during our workshops, we challenge your talents to start looking at your organization as a whole instead of bits and pieces or silos operating according to respective goals and targets.   Our programs are designed to challenge your leaders to crystalize your company vision and mission in their minds and to be able to communicate this clearly to all your stakeholders.  We challenge your leaders to be living examples in the execution of values, skills, knowledge and attitude that differentiates your organization from the rest.  Through customized activities and learning modules, your talents gradually develop the desired leadership behaviors that define your organization.
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