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ABOUT US TRACY PAN Facilitator and Executive Coach  Tracy is a facilitator and an Executive Coach based in Beijing.  Out of her 24 years of working experience, she has dedicated 16 years in the Human Resources function in leading American and European companies providing her with diverse industry experiences.  Since 2007, she has been in the Learning and Development field. As a professional facilitator and coach, Tracy has established a solid reputation for assisting organisations to improve their productivity, performance and profit through the application of a unique people development process, with a clear focus on measurable results.  Tracy trains and coaches clients from across many industries such as IT/Telecom, Internet/Media/Publication, Auto/Manufacturing, Financial Services/Consulting, Hospital/Medical Instruments, New Energy, Catering; Education/Training industry, etc.   Education and credentials include:  	Bachelor of Science degree from Beijing University 	6 years in the Human Resources field, the last 8 years focusing on the Learning and Development function 	Certified Coach by LMI CONTACT US CLIENTS EVENTS HOME ABOUT US WHAT WE DO EXECUTIVE COACHING GLOBAL MINDSET LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE OUR VISION OUR MISSION OUR CONSULTANTS OUR TEAM 2016 PROGRAMS & WORKSHOPS ABOUT US EVENTS CLIENTS Watch videos LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT OUR CONSULTANTS OUR VISION & MISSION OUR TEAM ABOUT US Listen to event audios Beijing Shanghai Philippines UK Greece Canada