POSITIVE PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP Overview   Positive Performance Leadership is based on the well-researched principles of Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Organizational Scholarship and Positive Psychology.  This workshop covers positive leadership model, positive climate and meanings, positive relationships, communication and finally how to integrate these principles into your work.   It is deeply rooted in the belief that positivity is a potent force that could help organizations achieve breakthroughs in all aspects of its existence – from its values, mission, strategy, operation, image, products and services.    The Advantages of this Workshop  •	Inspirational leadership influences team’s excellent performance. •	Positive leadership offers an alternate positive worldview and a new mindset. •	Positive role models inspire and exhibit powerful qualities. •	Positive leadership promotes asset-based thinking. •	Your leaders will discover that appreciation is a driver for growth. •	Positive leadership equivocally Identifies and meets stakeholder expectations. •	Positive leadership clearly defines success criteria and results based on a new model. •	Positive performance leadership model converts knowledge into habits through continued reinforcement.   Learning Objectives  •	To understand a new paradigm in leadership development •	To be more self-aware and able to deepen relationships •	To communicate clearly and energize teams •	To invest more time in their team members and understand their team’s values, motivations and strengths    Target Audience  Leaders, managers, HR professionals and supervisors who manage people at work will benefit from this program. Through self-reflection, sharing and learning new concepts, you will learn new ways of leadership thinking and behavior.    2-Day Agenda  •	Five ‘Love’ Languages of Appreciation •	Different Mindsets •	Coaching Process •	Overcoming Negativity Bias •	Becoming a Positive Energizer •	Understanding Stakeholders •	Managing Expectations •	Values, Meaning and Motivation •	Driving Performance    Facilitator   Consultant, Action Learning Coach and Certified Facilitator WHAT WE DO INFORMATION SUCCESS STORIES
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