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ABOUT US JANE CHIN Executive Coach  Jane is a successful information technology professional focusing on marketing and strategic alliance, software skills enablement, and channel management in an interrupted career development of more than 20 years.  She is a subject matter expert in the abovementioned function with a practical and professional knowledge and skill in business strategy development, team leadership and training that have contributed to the successes of the Asia Pacific and regional business imperatives she initiated and/or supported. As a practitioner in people and organizational development, Jane has acquired expertise in the following areas:   Strategic Executive Coaching, Executive Talent Development, Whole Systems Approach for Business Results, Enterprise Team Build Skill, MNC and Local Start up experience, Channel Alliance and Ecosystem practise.    As an Executive Coach, she has helped her clients achieve the following: 	Development of high performing and highly motivated organisations  	Collaboration with not only internal cross function team but working closer with business partners.  	Ability to communicate with authority and confidence with people at all levels  	More pro-active behaviours and anticipation of business problems   Her education and credentials include: 	Audited Business Courses at Cornell University 	Bachelor of Science Degree from Beijing University of Technology CONTACT US CLIENTS EVENTS HOME ABOUT US WHAT WE DO EXECUTIVE COACHING GLOBAL MINDSET LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE OUR VISION OUR MISSION OUR CONSULTANTS OUR TEAM 2016 PROGRAMS & WORKSHOPS ABOUT US EVENTS CLIENTS Watch videos LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT OUR CONSULTANTS OUR VISION & MISSION OUR TEAM ABOUT US Listen to event audios Beijing Shanghai Philippines UK Greece Canada