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ABOUT US DANNI ZHANG Negotiation Advisor    Based in the UK, Danni helps ELC clients win negotiations.  Whether it is to close a deal or resolve a conflict, Danni can show how to use soft skills to manage a hard bargainer.  And she does it grace and style.  As a connoisseur of both East and West, Danni specializes in cross-cultural negotiation, especially in cases involving Chinese and English businessmen.  She is an expert in finance and investment and has a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) license from the National Futures Association. She also holds Master's Degree in Management Sciences and a Bachelorís Degree in Economics and Marketing.   Danni believes that having negotiation skills is a non-negotiable part of doing business and making it run smoothly.  However, additional skills are also vital to success such as:    Adaptability:  Because China is changing and is becoming more expensive and continues to be more highly regulated market to operate.  Danni can help you navigate and succeed in this market.  Leadership Ability: Because leadership is essential to the success and sustainability of any organization.  In today's uncertain times, leaders have to withstand pressures and need to think creatively, decide flawlessly, and lead without fear.  Danni can help your leaders acquire mental resilience and hone a creative mind.  Executive Coaching: Because leadership training is not enough to prepare your talents. Through coaching, you and your leaders can develop the proper mindset to steer your organization to exponential growth.  Danni can help you get coaching that will push you to achieve your best and stay there. Global Mindset:  Because leaders operate in a much broader marketplace now.  Imagine bringing your business successfully in the global marketplace.  Today, having a global mindset is not only essential; it is a must for survival and growth.  Danni can help you expand your outlook and transcend cultural boundaries to truly reach international success.  Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Because, if we don't innovate, we will slowly fizzle away.  Your company's most important strength is its capacity to disrupt the market.  Entrepreneurial leadership, creative and innovative thinking is a responsibility that has to be shared throughout the company regardless of roles and responsibilities.  Danni can help you to systematically improve your organization's ability to innovate, disrupt and resist disruption from competitors. In her free time, Danni loves to sing (in Chinese and English) at her home studio, teach traditional Chinese dance to children and perfect her backhand stroke at a private tennis club. CONTACT US CLIENTS EVENTS HOME ABOUT US WHAT WE DO EXECUTIVE COACHING GLOBAL MINDSET LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE OUR VISION OUR MISSION OUR CONSULTANTS OUR TEAM 2016 PROGRAMS & WORKSHOPS ABOUT US EVENTS CLIENTS Watch videos LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT OUR CONSULTANTS OUR VISION & MISSION OUR TEAM ABOUT US Listen to event audios Beijing Shanghai Philippines UK Greece Canada